Robert C. Reitnauer Sr.

Senior Manager, Facilities, Production Planning, and Compliance

Bob joined the Rutgers Food Innovation Center as Sr. QA and Technical Services Specialist in March 2013. He has 40 years of food experience in a number of food types such as fruit and cream pies, frozen breaded fish, fresh and canned mushroom, steak sauce, pasta sauce, tomato processing, fresh pasta, fresh & frozen pasta & meat entrees, meatballs in sauce, acidified foods, fruit syrups, caramel syrups and potato chips. Bob also has hands on experience in various thermal processing types including canning ( metal & glass), retorts (static, rotating and continuous), tube-in tube, hot fill & hold, modified atmosphere in flexible packaging and rigid containers.

Bob received an Associates Degree in Food & Dairy Science from the State University of New York and a Bachelors Degree in Food Science from Delaware Valley College. He is certified in HACCP, Safe Quality Food (SQF) Practitioner and Better Process Control School ( Penn State). He has also developed various levels of Quality Systems and Supplier Certification Programs and has conducted Organic, GMP, HACCP and Supplier Approval Audits in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. Bob is a 40 year Quality Professional that has held quality positions with many of the leading brands/manufactuers of retail and industrial products for US and foreign markets.